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Over the last 10 years we've built a practice that incorporates the best of consulting and agency models. The result? Billions in DTC revenue and video views.


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Growth Strategy

Whether you’re a venture-backed startup or a billion-dollar public company, we work with founders and marketing departments to grow companies by tapping into the power of direct response content and social platforms. 

At Layla, we worked with the founders to build the right growth strategy, optimize content that performs, and build new channels of revenue in the highly competitive online mattress space. 

Ad Content Development

StoicYeti has developed a proprietary strategy and testing process for static and video ads deployed across digital and traditional channels.  

At BuiltBar, we designed and implemented a new ad campaign using video and static ads that optimized ROAS performance and drove down CAC, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on monthly ad spend. 


Paid Media Management

We are experts in all major paid platforms, and our services range from strategically advising your in-house team to full-service outsourcing management. Our compensation model aligns StoicYeti with your company’s best interests.

At Learning Dynamics, we managed the company's growth strategy and increased sales by 477% from the previous year through paid digital advertising.


Conversion Optimization

We are experts in full-funnel conversion from ad prospecting, website CRO, and marketing automation, including abandon cart. 


At Smilelove, we optimized the abandon cart channel and increased recovered sales by over 50% at a $1,500 price point.


Cool Client Testimonials


"The team at StoicYeti  fundamentally transformed

our business, putting our revenue goals clearly in range."


Spencer Grinder



"StoicYeti changed the way we think about ads, refined our paid media, and dramatically increased our revenue."

Micheal Erekson

Paid Media Manager

Built Bar

"StoicYeti built a video ad pipeline that dramatically improved our paid search metrics and increased DTC sales."

Jeff Newman

VP of Marketing

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