Are Your Ads and Traffic Driving Enough Sales?

We've driven $1.5B in DTC sales with 2.4B video views in the last four years.

Our Work

 Our work has produced more than $1.5B in DTC revenue with more than 2.4 billion video views in platforms like Facebook, YouTube and traditional TV.

With one billion in revenue since 2016 and over two billion video views, Purple is considered one of the top DTC mattress brands in the United States.

How Can StoicYeti Help You?







Why We're Different

There are two problems with most digital agencies:


First, they are focused on charging a high percentage of ad spend without focusing on the entire conversion funnel.  


Second, they focus on “brand” creative instead of high-performing, direct response creative. 

Over the last ten years, we’ve recognized the shortcomings of the traditional agency model and have incorporated two ways to avoid those problems in our practice.

What We Do

An agency built with the client

in mind.


StoicYeti is a consultancy/agency hybrid started by the guys who built Purple mattress from a Kickstarter campaign to a public company with $400MM/year in revenue in just four years.


After spending over $300MM and testing thousands of ads, we’ve developed a unique model that combines direct response video with smart paid media and conversion rate optimization. This profitable, rapid-growth formula has resulted in more than $1 billion in sales and billions of video views.


Cool Client Testimonials


"The team at StoicYeti  fundamentally transformed

our business, putting our revenue goals clearly in range."


Spencer Grinder



"StoicYeti changed the way we think about ads, refined our paid media, and dramatically increased our revenue."

Micheal Erekson

Paid Media Manager

Built Bar

"StoicYeti built a video ad pipeline that dramatically improved our paid search metrics and increased DTC sales."

Jeff Newman

VP of Marketing