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Over the last 10 years we've built a practice that incorporates the best of consulting and agency models. The result? Billions in DTC revenue and video views.


The Problem

Is your ad content harming your conversion?


Are your ad spend metrics embarrassing? 


Does your website convert below industry standards? 


Are your customer acquisition costs out of control? 


Have you reached a plateau with business growth? 

The Solution: StoicYeti

StoicYeti is a consultancy/agency hybrid started by the guys who built Purple mattress from a Kickstarter campaign to a public company with $400MM/year in revenue in just four years. 


After spending over $300MM and testing thousands of ads, we’ve developed a unique model that combines direct response video with smart paid media and conversion rate optimization. This profitable, rapid-growth formula has resulted in more than $1 billion in sales and billions of video views. 

What We Do


What Makes Us Different

There are two problems with most digital agencies:

1. They are focused on charging a high percentage of ad spend without focusing on the entire conversion funnel.  


2. They focus on “brand” creative instead of high-performing, direct response creative. These agencies don’t understand how to test creative and scale campaigns for massive growth.


Over the last ten years, we’ve recognized the shortcomings of the traditional agency model and have incorporated two ways to avoid those problems in our practice:

1. We charge a low percentage of ad spend only against our creative, aligning us with your business goals. We succeed when you succeed. This way, we make sure to focus on profitable campaigns that grow your business, not maximize agency commissions.

2. We have developed a proprietary formula for direct response video that also builds the brand, or what we call “brand response.” We know how to test that creative into each channel to break through plateaus and grow rapidly.

As a whole, our clients have achieved more than $1.5B in DTC revenue with more than 2.4 billion video views.


“The partners at StoicYeti are considered some of the best eCommerce marketers in the world.

Our Team


Chris Knudsen, Partner


Dan Bischoff, Partner

Chris Knudsen has spent his career building companies. As an independent consultant for the last 12 years, he has worked with numerous SAAS and eCommerce companies on social video campaigns, paid search strategy, conversion rate optimization, product/market validation, omni-channel development, CMO advising, and go-to-market strategies.

Chris was the original CMO at Purple Mattress (PRPL). Before Purple was a household name, he established the company’s brand and marketing strategies, garnering more than $10 million in revenue and 50 million video views in the company’s first 90 days.  Chris’s innovation set the company on a path to achieve more than $1 billion in sales in less than four years. 

As the CMO at, he established and grew the company’s B2B sales and marketing divisions. He also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Doba SMB and Vice President of eCommerce at Speaking Roses. In 2012, Chris co-founded 3DplusMe, which was acquired by WhiteClouds.

Chris earned his MBA from the Gore School of Business at Westminster College. He then worked as an adjunct instructor at Westminster College for 10 years, teaching the capstone strategy course, as well as courses in business plan development, search and social marketing, and entrepreneurship. In 2007, Chris was named on the vSpring v|100 list of Utah's top venture entrepreneurs and landed on the list every year until the program ended in 2012.

As a former journalist, agency president, and marketing executive over customer acquisition for a publicly traded company, Dan Bischoff is an expert in direct-to-consumer marketing. 

At Purple (PRPL), Dan was one of the company’s original employees. Over four years he launched and managed more than $300 million in digital and traditional advertising spend, resulting in over $1 billion in directly attributable sales. Today, Purple is a publicly traded company and one of the largest direct to consumer brands in the country. 

Before Purple, Dan founded Content Hook, a content marketing service provider. The agency sold to Utah Media Group in 2015. 


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